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Work Experience


Sherwin Williams
Operations Manager 
Customer Service Specialist

Sep 2020 — Apr 2022 (Santa Barbara)

March 2023 — Present (San Diego)

I started at the Sherwin Williams store as a Sales Associate, carrying out paint orders, stocking shelves, and filling every customer need by providing service in a fast-paced environment. Shortly after joining the company, I was promoted to being a Key Holder, and was given the responsibility of opening and closing the store when asked. The next year consisted of training for upper management tasks, such as unloading trucks with a forklift, organizing the warehouse, organizing employee schedules, and opening/managing customer accounts. Once I moved to San Diego to attend UCSD, I was recommended to join the store in Pacific Beach. I excelled in my customer service duties inside and outside of the store, and feel that I learned a lot of valuable leadership and management skills that I will take forward.

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Past Experience

San Diego Tours and Rentals
Electric Bike Tour Guide

July 2023 — Dec 2023

After only a short week of training, I was trusted to take guests on tours of La Jolla by myself. I memorized facts along multiple routes to guide guests on a welcoming experience. I was given the responsibility of possessing keys to the facility and shop. I worked in a growing, fast-paced tour environment with a positive attitude. I always had excellent customer service, received high ratings and great reviews, and always made sure it provide a memorable experience to guests. I held this job as a short part-time job while I was in school and still working at Sherwin Williams. 

Bike Trail

50/50 Raffle
Ticket Salesman

June 2022 — July 2023

I was mainly responsible for accepting payments to participate in the 50/50 Raffle on a daily and nightly basis. I continuously communicated the rules and procedures clearly to potential customers, offering any assistance about where to proceed for results and winnings. Every shift, I reported to the Foundation Coordinator, who oversees daily raffle operations. I made sure to always have HIGH energy and a LOUD voice. It was always my goal to be the lead salesman at the end of each shift. To reach this goes, I was excellent at educating customers that the more the spend, the higher their odds! I would have applied to be the starting catcher for the Padres, but Campusano is awesome, so for now, being a 50/50 salesman will have to do!


The Catamaran Resort

Sep 2022 — Dec 2022

Always ensured bar was well-stocked with ice, liquor, wine, and beer. Helped to check and change taps and appliances – confirmed that they were working properly, making minor repairs, and changing out kegs when needed. Maintained records to assist in the reordering process and ensured that delivered items were stored properly. I always demonstrated strong teamwork skills by effectively communicating with colleagues to fulfill customer orders in a timely manner. Lastly, I always exhibited a positive attitude and willingness to learn, consistently seeking opportunities to improve skills and contribute to the team's success. This was a short-term, seasonal position.


Campus Crates
Student Team Manager

Jan 2020 — Mar 2020

I was on a team of student managers who were in charge of organizing an all inclusive moving company. We would offer package deals to make moving out of college housing a lot easier and stress free. This included going to Greek houses and on-campus organizations to pitch idea, finding enough space to hold items, and many meetings of planning! Although COVID drastically changed our ability to carry out our services, it was a very valuable learning experience.


Golden Gate Sliders
Baseball Camp Counselor

Jun 2014 — Aug 2019

Several weeks every summer, we introduced and coached around 100 kids into the world of baseball and the joys of playing it. It was my job to keep the kids on task and to make sure that they really understand what baseball is all about - having fun! We had different themed days, consistent competition, and positive attitude while congratulating improvement!

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Boy Scouts of America
Marin Sierra Counselor

Jul 2016 — Aug 2017

I worked on staff at Boy Scouts of America, Camp Marin Sierra for about 6 weeks each year. Usually, new counselors are only allowed to work for 2 weeks, but I was hired to work the full 6 weeks in my first year. We had approximately 1500 boy scouts between the ages of 10 & 18 attend the camp each year. Besides teaching my daily assigned Merit Badge classes, I was responsible to clean bathrooms, do dishes, serve food, lead camp songs, and have a great attitude from 6am to 10:30pm every day. During my second year, I was promoted and hand picked as staff to help on the Rifle Range. My daily duties included teaching classes on the Rifle Range Rules, the parts of a rifle and .22 ammunition, along with how to properly and thoroughly clean a rifle to both scouts and adults.

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