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About Me

My name is Jake Nordstrom, and I am currently a third year Transfer Student at the University of California San Diego studying Sociology with a focus in Economy and Society. I'm pursuing a minor in Economics and am considering a B.A. degree in addition before attending Graduate School to receive a master’s in business administration. 

For my first year of college, I attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth Texas where I studied Economics. After my first year, when the pandemic occurred, I chose to continue my education at Santa Barbara City College and explore Sociology, which has proved to be an area that captures my interest. Recently, I moved from Santa Barbara to Pacific Beach in San Diego after completing my Associates in Science Degree at SBCC. I am extremely excited to take the next step of my journey at UCSD!

One of my greatest accomplishments outside of the scholastic realm is achieving the rank of Eagle Scout on April 25th in 2019. Before obtaining this final rank, one must plan, fundraise, and execute an Eagle Scout Project that both benefits and gives back to the community. I am extremely proud to reflect on my “Good Turn Cuba Eagle Scout Project”, where I learned valuable life lessons, was able to make important connections, and made new friends across the globe through the art of Baseball. Although my original idea to bring a youth baseball team from Cuba to the United States proved to be impossible with the travel regulations at the time, it didn’t stop me from creating life changing connections and transforming our Freshman Baseball Field into a beautiful Home Field.

For more information, pictures, videos, and the step-by-step progress that we made, make sure to check out my

Eagle Scout Journey page!

Much of the influence of my Eagle Scout Project came from my deep love for baseball. I fell in love when I was 4 years old, and it has always been in my life. While I have not been able to keep up with playing the game since starting my college journey began, I am ecstatic to be working for the San Diego Padres Baseball Team as a 50/50 Raffle Ticket Salesman! I am looking for ways to work my way up in the organization and look forward to working with the Team!

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